"Melanie is an awesome yoga instructor! I love her calm presence as she guides the class through the session. Being a beginner, I'm always looking for someone who is patient, and someone who also helps with any adjustments that I might need. Melanie is that kind of instructor:) I will definitely be taking more classes in the future with her!" Pamela V., Oakland, CA


"This review is unfortunately late in coming as I no longer live in the Bay area, but Melanie Kaufman Yoga is one of the things I miss most about my time spent on the West coast. Melanie is confident and talented, certainly the best instructor I found in Oakland, yet her gentle demeanor and smiling face make her more approachable than most in her field. Melanie is also a health coach and I remember a particularly enlightening discussion about complementary therapies such as essential oils and holistic nutrition with her during our first meeting. Despite her obvious passion for what she does, I never felt overly pushed or left behind in any of her programs; there's none of the industry ego here, only competent coaching for those seeking physical/spiritual alignment through dedicated personal practice. My first stop, next time I'm in town, will be on my yoga mat in her studio space for a private one on one. Melanie Kaufman Yoga easily earns five stars!!"  Lucas B., Atlanta, GA


"Melanie is such a gem.  She is very patient and willing to work with you no matter your skill set.  If you are interested in focusing on a certain area of the body she will design your whole session around your needs and wants.  Very reasonable and worth every penny!" Jessica R., Oakland, CA